IP Management (Intellectual Property Management)

IP Management (Intellectual Property Management) is a generic term for the systematic planning, implementation, control and optimization of all processes in a company or organization that concern the economic handling of intellectual property (IP). IP management covers aspects from different areas, such as corporate planning, legal protection and patenting, research and development, production and marketing. 

The main processes of IP management are:

  • IP-strategy
  • IP awareness
  • IP defense
  • IP risk management
  • IP assessment
  • IP generation
  • IP enforcement
  • IP administration

We accompany you in mastering this interdisciplinary management tasks and advise you competently in the planning and implementation of all measures. In doing so, we always keep in mind the specific needs of our clients, which are based on the circumstances and structures in their companies. Especially in the case of small and medium-sized companies, it is important to identify and implement precisely those measures that will keep the company successfully ahead of the competition. IP management always serves the company's purpose and economic success.